As a women, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ led company, we have always strived towards becoming an all-inclusive and socially conscious brand. For us, not only does that mean creating styles that allow people of any size, color, or shape to feel confident and sexy, but it also means hiring a diverse crew of models and creatives for each collection. While we are far from perfect and no fashion brand creating new products will ever be truly sustainable, we are always working hard to make sure our creative content is reflective of a colorful, diverse world and our products are consciously crafted.


Fabrics & Trims

Where possible, we try our best to incorporate recycled polyesters/nylon, organic cotton, and biodegradable silk/bamboo fabrics, along with vegan grape/corn leather and Eco-Vero yarn knits.

We also use the highest quality metal and tempered glass trims to ensure a long lasting product.

We are always researching and applying new ways to make our styles more eco-friendly.


Even our custom packaging is designed with reuse in mind!  We try to design packaging that you will want to keep forever, all while using recyclable materials (such as paper and metal) as often as possible.


We try our best to produce a limited quantity of units for each collection - just enough to meet our demand.

We also try to have some unused fabric scraps upcycled through For Days’ Take Back Bag initiative.

But it doesn’t stop there!  Through newly offered programs such as Shopify Planet and Route + Green, every order we ship is carbon neutral.  Thus, you can place an order with us and know that your shipment will now help to offset carbon emissions.



As a minority-owned brand, making sure ladies from all backgrounds and sizing can see themselves in our products is critical to our creative direction. We go out of our way to find models from many different walks of life to represent the many facets of the female identity. Our vision has always been to help women - from petite to plus - feel confident, sexy, and badass in their own bodies. This is why we work hard on each collection to further improve our fits by actively applying customer feedback and fitting our product samples on real bodies year-round.



All of our products are hand-made from reputable factories who share our ethical standards and values.

Where the pandemic travel restrictions have allowed, we have also vetted our factories in person.

Our team has traveled to Colombia and visited each small, women-led/family-owned workshop to meet the people behind the sewing machines.


All of our China factories have factory certifications, BSCI reports, and/or third-party audits. Due to the exclusive customized nature of our designs (fabrics, hardware, embroidery laces, glass beads, etc.), we've found China to have the highest quality and widest range of ability when it comes to bringing our one-of-a-kind styles to life. They have some of the most state of the art technology and tools to propel our unique ideas forward.

We also stand behind removing the stigma and racism against Chinese manufacturing and claims that it's all poor quality. We have daily communication with our factories via message and video calls to ensure our standards are being met.