Women at the Miami Workers Center

❤ The Donation 

In honor of Women's Month 2023, Voight is donating 20% of all sales from 3/10-3/26 to Miami Workers Center.

❤ The Cause 

Together, our donation efforts will help to provide emergency contraception, condoms, pregnancy tests, and Plan B, all which are critical and unmet needs for women and survivors of violence. Voight is supporting the Miami Workers Center’s efforts attending to women’s sexual and reproductive health. Voight and Miami Workers Center both believe in each human’s right to make decisions over what’s best for their own bodies, including accessing: contraception, comprehensive sex education, alternative birth options, adequate prenatal and pregnancy care, domestic violence assistance, safe homes, and so much more.

❤ The Organization ❤

Miami Workers Center, as a whole, builds the self-determination of South Florida’s most oppressed communities, employing an intersectional approach linking gender, race, and class. The center employs programs to address systemic causes of the feminization of poverty and empower low-income black and brown women, girls and femmes.
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HAPPY WOMEN’S MONTH to all of our Varbies, and thank you for your never-ending support.