Sister Sizing Guide


Can’t find your size?Β  Do your cups gap or is your band too tight?Β  Then we highly recommend using your sister size. You can find your sister size by either going up a band size and down a cup size (sister size up) or down a band size and up a cup sizeΒ (sister size down).Β Please find the sister size charts below for your respective band size and you’ll see your matching sister size adjacent to it.Β 

❀ Sister Size Down Example: If you’re a 38DD inΒ US sizing, your sister size up will be 40D.

❀ Sister Size Down Example: If you’re a 38DD, your sister size down will be a 36DDD (also known as 36F).

    30-Band Sister Size Chart
    32-band sister size chart
    36-Band Sister Size Chart
    38-Band Sister Size Chart
    40-Band Sister Size Chart
    42-Band Sister Size Chart
    44-Band Sister Size Chart
    *Side note: we do not offer all of the alternative sizes that are listed on these charts. The charts are for your convenience and reference.